Speckled Sussex Love

We have had a small flock of backyard chickens for a few years now, slowly adding more, until now…11 chickens.  I love to sit out with them while they free range, make their interesting noises, and flap wildly around looking for bugs.  They are truly entertaining birds.  So, I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to finally honor one of them with a portrait.  This is Babbs.  She dutifully sat on some potentially fertile eggs we procured until she hatched them and now she’s a great Mother Hen to all four of them.  Here’s her new portrait.

Here’s Mama Chicken, “Babbs”.

Art Show at Cosmos Coffee Cafe

I’m happy to say I’ve been asked to return for another show at Cosmos Coffee Cafe in the La Mesa Village!  The artwork is currently on display and will be exhibited through November 2012.  There’s some new illustrations and a hanful of new paintings along with some older favorites.  The theme is “childhood wonder”.   Stop by and enjoy some art and some fine coffee.  Let me know what you think!

Wendy Kwasny with artwork at Cosmos in La Mesow what you think.

Puddle Stomp

This is my most recent painting, “Puddle Stomp”, It’s a painting of my son playing in the rain at Otay Lake, in San Diego.  It was a gorgeous day, with great light.  I worked this painting from a photograph I took on that day. 

Original Oil Painting, “A Quiet Moment”

I finished this little painting yesterday from a photo I took of some friends of mine.  The photo was taken at Carlsbad Beach in San Diego, CA last month while we were beach camping.

I love this private moment.  They were just a step away from our chaotic group and on their own.  Graham (the baby) is still becoming acquainted with this world and the wonder of the ocean.

A Quiet Moment, oil on canvas, 12"x 16"

A Quiet Moment, oil on canvas, 12"x 16"