Empower Show at Hess Brewing

I’m so excited and honored to be in a group show at hosted by Hanalei Artworks, at Hess Brewing in San Diego, CA.

The Artist Reception is

Wed, March 7th 6-10P at Mike Hess.

On view thru April 1st.

I’m unable to disclose the entire painting I’ll be showing so here’s a teaser for you to enjoy. I hope to see you at the show! It’s going to be a great collection of artwork.

15% of the proceeds from the opening night will be donated to San Diego Rescue Mission.


Upcoming show at OBR Gallery

I’m thrilled to return to show my work at OBR Gallery for Ray at Night Art Walk. This show will be a collection of all new artwork from this past year. Please join me on opening night:

September 9th, 2017

6pm-10pm at OBR.

I’ve been exploring a new direction lately, using mixed media and acrylic paints. You’ll want to check these out in person. Here’s a small sampling of what will be exhibited. I hope to see you there!


Succulents on Burlap





Artist Reception, Counterpoint May 5th

Please join us for an Artist Reception at the lovely Counterpoint in Golden Hill, San Diego on May 5th 2016, beginning at 5pm. Feel free to come any time that evening and have a drink with me. My art will be displayed for up to 3 months so stop by anytime.

Ray at Night Art Walk, Artist Reception!

Artist poster #4

I’m having a solo art show at OBR Architecture on Ray Street in San Diego, CA. The show will be running from March 11th- April 7th 2016

Hope to see you there!

Artist Reception

Where: OBR Architecture Gallery

3817 Ray St. San Diego, CA 92104

When: March 12th 6pm-10pm

Art Show at Cosmos Coffee Cafe

I’m happy to say I’ve been asked to return for another show at Cosmos Coffee Cafe in the La Mesa Village!  The artwork is currently on display and will be exhibited through November 2012.  There’s some new illustrations and a hanful of new paintings along with some older favorites.  The theme is “childhood wonder”.   Stop by and enjoy some art and some fine coffee.  Let me know what you think!

Wendy Kwasny with artwork at Cosmos in La Mesow what you think.

Exciting New Direction

Lately, I’ve been working with Red Piggy Press, an exciting new interactive publishing company for children’s iPad books.  I’m really excited about the opportunity to be a part of something bigger.  It’s nice to have deadlines and motivation to make time to create.  The hard part is not IMMEDIATELY sharing my work.  I’m used to creating and immediately posting for the world to see so I can get fantastic feedback NOW!  But, no.  Understandably, Red Piggy wants there to be some element of surprise with the great unveiling of a finished book.  There is some talk though of teasers…so stay tuned.

But what I really want to talk about is the direction my art has been taking.  I am classically an oil painter.  I normally work large scale- oil paintings of people, mostly.  But the past few years, that’s been more difficult given my life circumstances.  So, I adapted.  Smaller quicker paintings- mostly of my kids.  My inspiration.  But I’ve found the audience at the  gallery where I normally show isn’t so interested in my domestic life.  At least not in the way I have been representing it.  So, I admit to feeling a little lost artistically the past couple years.  Until recently.

I’ve been doing small illustrations for Red Piggy Press as their guest blogger.  I have been trying to create drawings that say a lot, tell a story, stand alone.  I have always tried to do that in my art- tell a story, but somehow it’s different now.  I’ve been freed by using paper, ink and pastel.  It’s not such a huge commitment in time and space, so I can wiggle a little.  There’s not such a fear of, “What if no one likes this huge painting?”  Also, I can experiment with subject matter.  The problem is, the lack of instant gratification.  And framing costs.  I have a show coming up at Cosmos Coffee Shop in July and if I don’t start painting soon, I’ll be doing a lot of framing to put together a body to display.  But I think these little drawings make a great show!  And will tell an amazing story… Let’s see where this all takes me.

San Diego Art Institute’s Summer Art Sale!

I have submitted 5 paintings to SDAI’s Summer C-note art sale.  The Opening Night is June 4th from 5-8pm.  It’s quite an event!  People come early and scramble to grab paintings right off the gallery wall for purchase.  The paintings are all priced at $100, $200 or $300 dollars.  It’s a great way to collect some of the finest San Diego artist’s work.

SDAI's Big Art Sale