The Christ Window Commission

This is a commission of “The Christ Window” circa 1906. The window is currently housed at First Church, First United Methodist Church in Mission Valley, San Diego CA, and is a favorite of my client. He wanted his wife to be able to see it in their home everyday.  I reproduced it in acrylic paint on canvas. It’s 18″ x 24″


The full 18″x24″ acrylic painting of the Christ Window. Copyright 2015 All rights reserved.


Christ detail- Copyright 2015 All rights reserved.


Left corner detail. Copyright 2015 All rights reserved.


Upper right corner detail. Copyright 2015 All rights reserved.


Lower right corner detail. Copyright 2015 All rights reserved.

Sand Dunes Painting, OB Dog Beach










Here’s my latest painting. A 20″x 24″ Oil on canvas painting of my daughter exploring the sand dunes in Ocean Beach, San Diego. I completed this over the Summer of 2015 right after I discovered my grandmother has liver cancer. I tried to put all my emotions over the news into the sky, while thinking about the carefree qualities of youth and good health.

Art showing at The Art Connection

Update** This show is coming down at the end of October 2015. See it while you can…I have a collection of 5 paintings showing at The Art Connection in La Mesa, CA. The show will be running through October 2015. Let me know if you visit and tell me what you think!

They are in the upstairs Gallery:

The Art Connection

7317 El Cajon Boulevard, Suite 103, La Mesa, California 91942


Mixed Media Art Studios

I’ve finally moved into my very first Art Studio! It’s in central San Diego and has a wonderfully funky feel. I have high hopes for the next year moving forward. I have plans for a new series that will be different and socially relevant. I’m excited to share that with you as it evolves. Here’s my latest painting. I think cheers are in order!


3 new paintings-Successful Artist Retreat

I recently went to Indio with some good friends for an Arts and Craft retreat. I spent 3 days painting. 2 oil paintings and a small watercolor for my Dad’s birthday. All in all it was a wonderful weekend.

All paintings are protected by Copyright Laws ©2014 and may not be reproduced without permission of the artist.



Mom and Babe on Beach

Mom and Babe on Beach

'55 Thunderbird

’55 Thunderbird

Hand Me Downs- Girl on Bike

Here’s another wet oil painting hot off the easel. It’s 18″x24″ Oil on Canvas.


Hand Me Downs, 18″x24″ oil on canvas

My Mom so graciously took the kids for an overnight so I could get some much needed, uninterrupted painting time. I was thinking a lot about girl childhood, big brands, growing up in the carefree Summer days, the impermanence of youth and how quickly children grow. My daughter is wearing all hand me downs in this picture, so in a way she’s carrying her friend’s youth and past Summers with her.

Recently a friend and I were talking about how we are constantly evolving and leaving behind the person we used to be. Always growing but forever tucking away the people we once were. Those past experiences layer inside us like paint on a canvas to make us who we are. It’s lovely really.

What are your thoughts on this? Any secret past identities you’d like to share?