Artist Commissions and Murals

Wendy is currently accepting requests for commissioned oil painting portraits, landscapes and murals.

Drawing on over 20 years experience and by establishing a relationship with the buyer, Wendy captures the essence of someone or something special in an original oil painting to be cherished forever.

Some of the things my clients have said, “The painting is absolutely perfect…Because of your wonderful and special talent, we have a family keepsake that will be cherished forever.  You have captured Mike and Kyla perfectly!  Thank you again…You have been awesome to work with.” -Kathy

Wendy works from photographs, on location, or from still life set-ups, as needed. Prices vary depending on size and complexity, and 50% of the purchase price is requested as a non-refundable deposit to be paid at the time of the commission. The balance owed along with shipping costs is to be paid at completion of the project.

To discuss a commissioned work and for a free estimate, please contact Wendy by email.

One thought on “Artist Commissions and Murals

  1. Hi Wendy,

    Up til now I have only seen just a few of your pieces I am truly awed by your talent and ability… hard to believe I come from the same family (lol). Anyway, Once I find just the right picture or photo I would like to commision you to do a painting for Jane and I and maybe one of my kids… I let you know when… I assume by some of the other commisions that your do work from photos?


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