Perseverance and struggle

I’ve been painting for 36+ years, and I’m a fast painter. I usually know whether a painting is coming together within the first few hours. This painting was much more of a struggle for me.

I haven’t painted large in a while, preferring to do smaller paintings that I can fit into my life, but there’s something wonderful and freeing about painting large portraits. I painted this one quickly, in class, but when I got it home I realized the face was all wrong. So I repainted it, and made it worse. Then, later, I gesso’d over the face only, redrew it all together and repainted it again over the next few days. This was a very different approach for me since I usually finish painting in 1-2 sessions.

I enjoyed taking the time to get something I was really happy with. I’m still looking at it and squinting, but I think I’ll stop touching it, put the brush down and back away slowly.

Acrylic on canvas, 24″x 30″ copyright 2018

Ivy 1

I’m back in class at Art on 30th and I love the group and flow of class this time around. It’s much more “studio time” with and open critique at the end than a class, which is exactly what I need. I finished up this painting a few weeks back and love the combo of underpainting, drawing and more finished look for a mixed media finish. I hope to do more work exploring these principles. acrylic on canvas 18″ x 24″