Hand Me Downs- Girl on Bike

Here’s another wet oil painting hot off the easel. It’s 18″x24″ Oil on Canvas.


Hand Me Downs, 18″x24″ oil on canvas

My Mom so graciously took the kids for an overnight so I could get some much needed, uninterrupted painting time. I was thinking a lot about girl childhood, big brands, growing up in the carefree Summer days, the impermanence of youth and how quickly children grow. My daughter is wearing all hand me downs in this picture, so in a way she’s carrying her friend’s youth and past Summers with her.

Recently a friend and I were talking about how we are constantly evolving and leaving behind the person we used to be. Always growing but forever tucking away the people we once were. Those past experiences layer inside us like paint on a canvas to make us who we are. It’s lovely really.

What are your thoughts on this? Any secret past identities you’d like to share?