Exciting New Direction

Lately, I’ve been working with Red Piggy Press, an exciting new interactive publishing company for children’s iPad books.  I’m really excited about the opportunity to be a part of something bigger.  It’s nice to have deadlines and motivation to make time to create.  The hard part is not IMMEDIATELY sharing my work.  I’m used to creating and immediately posting for the world to see so I can get fantastic feedback NOW!  But, no.  Understandably, Red Piggy wants there to be some element of surprise with the great unveiling of a finished book.  There is some talk though of teasers…so stay tuned.

But what I really want to talk about is the direction my art has been taking.  I am classically an oil painter.  I normally work large scale- oil paintings of people, mostly.  But the past few years, that’s been more difficult given my life circumstances.  So, I adapted.  Smaller quicker paintings- mostly of my kids.  My inspiration.  But I’ve found the audience at the  gallery where I normally show isn’t so interested in my domestic life.  At least not in the way I have been representing it.  So, I admit to feeling a little lost artistically the past couple years.  Until recently.

I’ve been doing small illustrations for Red Piggy Press as their guest blogger.  I have been trying to create drawings that say a lot, tell a story, stand alone.  I have always tried to do that in my art- tell a story, but somehow it’s different now.  I’ve been freed by using paper, ink and pastel.  It’s not such a huge commitment in time and space, so I can wiggle a little.  There’s not such a fear of, “What if no one likes this huge painting?”  Also, I can experiment with subject matter.  The problem is, the lack of instant gratification.  And framing costs.  I have a show coming up at Cosmos Coffee Shop in July and if I don’t start painting soon, I’ll be doing a lot of framing to put together a body to display.  But I think these little drawings make a great show!  And will tell an amazing story… Let’s see where this all takes me.